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Loop Location Closed, Safely Re-Opening in Lincoln Park by Appointment Only

Loop Location Closed, Safely Re-Opening in Lincoln Park by Appointment Only

Dear TCG Friends, Family, Loyal Customers, & Prospective Clients,

We thank you so much for all of your support thus far. It has been a challenging year to say the least. Beginning in early March, there was a citywide shutdown which resulted in the mandatory closure of nonessential businesses. Just as many geared up to re-open, civil unrest ensued in response to the murder of George Floyd and continued into the months of June, July, and August. This greatly impacted our ability to run our business especially our Jewelers Row location in the loop which was one of hardest hit during multiple instances of civil unrest.

After a string of break-ins and destruction that followed, on top of COVID closures in the previous months, we made a heavy hearted decision to close our loop/Jewelers row location permanently however we are excited to welcome you to our new private space in Lincoln Park. We will remain appointment based for the foreseeable future.

It has been such quite a journey for many business owners (big and small) but we remain optimistic and hopeful for better days ahead. We are grateful for all of the support, the kind gestures, and positive affirmations that have really lifted our spirits, especially in these times. :)

As Chicago moves into phase 4 of safely re-opening, we will be welcoming in-person appointments at our new Lincoln Park location by Appointment Only to best manage the amount of people indoors as required by city mandates. Please schedule an appointment via our website or contact us at 312 624 9822 directly to confirm availability.

Though we are available for in-person appointments, we still urge you to take advantage of the virtual appointments and calls to start off which can be done via most modes of communications such as video calls (google meet/zoom), good old fashion phone conversations, or even emails which is an effective way to send a request and provide detailed information and attach inspirational photos as well so we can better assist you! Once we get a good idea of your goals and objectives we can set some time to meet in-person and curate a thorough selection prior to meeting with you. You can learn more about our engagement ring process here.

Please view this Pandemic Safety Precautions communications to prepare for a visit.


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