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International Ring Size Chart

Helpful Tips for Sizing

  • Pay attention to these factors for a best fit: Water weight, bloating, sodium, weather and even alcohol can cause your finger size to fluctuate between 1/2 to 1 whole size, therefore it's best to be aware of these factors when you and/or your partner are getting sized.
  • Opt for a snug fit when purchasing a top heavy ring, or engagement style ring. For engagement or top heavy rings (rings with mounted gemstones), choose .25 smaller, or a snug fit as the ring may twist and turn easily. Additionally, soon after your finger gets used to wearing the ring, the ring will begin to feel loose.Contrary to custom belief, it's actually safer to go up in size, rather than going down in size, especially if there are many side stones or a complex design. Opening a ring to make it wider will actually add tension to the tiny mounts for the side stones, versus opening the ring to make it smaller may decrease the tension, causing the diamonds to become loose and potentially falling out. Sizing should always be evaluated and performed by a master bench jeweler. 
  • Opt for a loose fit when purchasing an eternity band or eternity style ring mount: Eternity means diamonds or design patterns that go all of the way around a ring. Eternity rings can never be sized up or down, because it may break the pattern of diamonds or designs and potentially ruin the structure of the ring. There are two ways, you can design a thicker interior that can be polished down if your size changes and goes up, or you can have it made .25-.50 sizes bigger and add "shots" to make it more snug. 
  • Size Estimates: Did you know that most people generally fit within 3/4th size down, and up to 1.5-2 sizes up comfortably? The circumference of your finger is generally different at different points, i.e. my knuckle is a size 6. Though it is always better to get an exact fit, it is not something to be too concerned about. Most rings can be sized safely down 1 size, and sized up 2 sizes however to be certain, check with a trained jeweler as some mountings have stipulations on sizing.
  • If your ring is too big or spins a lot, and a trained jeweler does not recommend sizing it down due to ruining the structural integrity of the ring, then the best option is to add a bridge or shots. These precious metal balls that go in the interior of the ring are miracle workers! Read more about them here.
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