Diamond Engagement Ring & Wedding Band Care January 14, 2015 18:22

We have outlined a few "do's and don't's" for taking care of valuable jewelry such as diamonds or gemstones rings. One thing we always asks our clients to consider when creating their dream ring is lifestyle - for instance, if you are more active, then we recommend choosing a stronger and sturdier metal such as platinum, and/or a less ornate design that can be worn down but easily polished to perfection, or even choose a wedding band that is more sturdy to wear most of the time. However, as styles and trends change to favor a more clean look with less metal showing such as micro-pave, tension set, or ornate rings studded with many tiny little diamonds, these delicate, and ornate rings must be worn with much care. Below are some great guidelines and tips to care for your beautiful ring!

Here are some healthy habits to adopt for a healthy ring:

  • Always take your ring off before bed and place it in a safe spot. Clothing fiber, bed sheets, or pillow sheets can snag on the prongs and break them. This is especially recommended for delicate designs such as micro pave', pave', and micro-prongs which contain many little diamonds held by tiny little prongs. Tip: When putting jewelry away, choose a hidden place that you can easily remember to go back to. Carefully place it in a cloth lined box to prevent it from scratching. 
  • Remove ring when showering and when applying products and lotion. Hairspray, moisturizers, shampoos, and conditioners can not only make your jewelry look cloudy/dirty, but it can also build up between the crevices of your ring and the product particles can lodge between the prongs, thus causing the stones to shift and become insecure over time. Additionally, over time chemicals such as chlorine can weaken metals and cause prongs to break or weaken over time.
    Tip: General rule of thumb is first thing off at night, and last thing on in your morning routine!
  • Always remove your ring when participating in any sports or activities that require vigorous use of your hands - i.e., gardening, swimming, cleaning, cooking, laundry, gym activities such as weight lifting, even yoga poses can bend your ring. In general keep in mind any risk of snagging or bending, or accidental blunt force, is not good for the structural integrity of the ring and repetitive tension on the ring can eventually lead to damage.
  • Avoid chemicals such as bleach and chlorine, or anything highly acidic as these chemicals can break down and discolor or weaken the base metals in a ring.
  • Bring your ring in once every year for routine check-ups and professional cleaning! Our clients can schedule a free cleaning and check-up by emailing: info@theclassicgem to coordinate a visit.
  • Click here for DIY ring cleaning tips at the comfort of you own home or office! 

Other Facts/Tips to Keep in Mind:

  • Prongs weaken over time! Getting caught on clothes, dropped, and simply being worn every day can take its toll on prongs.
  • Precious metals such as gold, and platinum are soft! It will bend if not worn carefully.
  • Sizing can increase the chance of losing stones! When a ring is re-sized the angle of the prongs changes too. Be sure to speak to an expert before sizing.
  • Try not to sleep with rings on! Prongs can catch on blankets and bend/break.
  • Do not clean jewelry with toothpaste! It can scratch metal and harden under stones