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Safest and Most Effective Solution to a Spinning/Loose Fit Ring

Have you ever experienced a ring that constantly twists and turns regardless of if the size fits? Or what if the size fits on most days, but not always. There is a semi-permanent solution that may help solve this problem! Ring Shots (also known as Arthritic Ring Beads) are precious metal balls that are placed on the inside of a ring to make them feel more snug, or prevent the ring from rotating on your finger. This is an ideal way to size rings that are risky to resize such as pave, micro-pave or eternity rings.

Most intricate rings cannot be resized without ruining its structural integrity. Especially when sizing a ring down, there are risks involved with loosening the prongs of the all of the stones set in a shank or disturbing the tiny prongs that hold the ring together. The more delicate the design, such as micro-pave or micro-prong, the higher the risk of diamonds falling out of your setting when it is being sized.

Shots are miracle workers when it comes to a ring that always spins! It is generally very comfortable if spaced properly as in the image and helps keep your ring upright or in the position that you want it in, and prevents spinning, twirling, or even worse falling off. Also, the shots are temporary and easily removable - accounting for times or life events such as the joy of pregnancy, or weight gain, or even health related things like arthritis which may affect the hands.

In short, if you are trying to prevent your ring from spinning on your finger or just cannot size it without ruining the ring, ask your jeweler about ring shots, the best and safest way to adjust your ring size down without changing the original structure of the ring.

More prices and information can be found here.

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