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Our Standards and Quality

Expert Craftsmanship,Tailor Made, Never Mass Produced

One of the most notable hallmarks of a fine piece of jewelry is in the details of the craftsmanship. Our goods are created using the most innovative 3D custom technology. All one of a kind, not mass manufactured or retrofitted to fit a standard mould which can compromise structural integrity and overall quality of build and aesthetic. Our experienced CAD designer who specifically specializes in jewelry design creates your ring, custom tailored for you and built precisely around your center stone with no gaps and built to your finger size whether it is .25 or .75 increments in size. It is then 3D printed using the state of the art 3D printer, printing your design in the most precise micron layers to ensure intricate details and features are not lost. Learn more about our custom design process here and how we passionately and artistically create each piece for you using some of the best tools in the trade.


Our diamonds are specially curated through experienced eyes

One of the benefits of the information age, is having access to a lot of information. While there is a lot of great information out there, it can be overwhelming and oftentimes the data points are not only conflicting but also misleading. How is it that diamonds that are seemingly the same on paper can vary so vastly on price from one vendor? In short, this is easily explained due to the nature and quality of the gemstone - lower quality, 'defective' diamonds will be sold below market and better quality will be sold at premium prices. While a diamond certificate is useful narrowing down specifics, there are still critical features beyond the 4Cs impact the appearance of a diamond. We have a strict standard for selecting diamonds from all categories and our diamonds are specially curated through experienced eyes and deep industry knowledge. There are so many other important nuances when choosing a diamond and what aspects matter to you specifically may be different for someone else and there is an art to prioritizing what matters to you to get the best value and we'd be happy to help guide you through this process. Read more about how we look beyond the 4Cs

Our gemstones are also curated with the best in class standards

Gemstones are even trickier than diamonds because there are no official guidelines established, and there are so many more factors and nuances that can impact the beauty of a stone, but a lot of that has to do with hue, transparency and saturation. Using all of the same standards and guidelines for selecting diamonds, we apply the same approach for gemstones, curating only the most brilliant and focusing on features that enhance the beauty of a gemstone and ensure that all factors of the cut are not overlooked, from the actual faceting to the symmetry and proportions of the table to depth as it pertains to each type of gemstone, and the hue and saturation and clarity combinations that matters most for each one.

Morganites for instance have been a popular alternative gemstone, and while there are any readily available in the marketplace, it is rare to find one with a great combination of hue, clarity, and transparency that is well cut to enhance those features. Below is an example of the types of Morganites we carry, that is precision cut to bring out the best luster and brilliance.

Image on the right shows a dull morganite recut to maximize brilliance and transparency

We use full cut round brilliant melees during our production process

Furthermore, each tiny diamond used in the creation of jewelry is superior in quality. Each diamond melee is meticulously hand selected and precisely calibrated to ensure a clean, and polished look. Every diamond melee that we use in our production are fully faceted, which makes a huge impact in the fire, brilliance and scintillation needed to bring a jewelry masterpiece to life. This is another hallmark of a fine jewelry piece that is often overlooked. 

Fully faceted, or full-cut melees diamonds are basically miniature versions of the the standard brilliant cut diamond, and are precision cut with 58 facets to produce the most optimal light performance for its size. Unlike many "economic quality" melees used in the marketplace today, with much lower color and clarity using cheaper single-cut methods (consisting of 17 facets), we take pride in using the finest cut qualities of full-cuts (consisting of 58 facets or more) coupled with higher end tiers of color and clarity to ensure that your fine jewelry scientifically cut and designed to maximize light performance. Click here to learn more about the difference in our diamond melee quality.

Image above shows a Single Cut compared to a Full Cut diamond
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