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Announcements and Important Updates

Our Mission

As a family owned and operated company, our commitment is to provide high quality, ethical, elegant, and timeless jewelry. Our philosophy is simple: produce amazing customer satisfaction through transparency and quality of experience. We believe trust is the foundation of any type of achievement, personal or professional. The Classic Gem offers high quality certified loose diamonds, and precious gems such as sapphires, rubies, and emeralds and specialize expertly crafted custom designs.

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Bespoke and Expertly Curated

Our knowledge and expertise in the industry spans three generations. We strive to use the most innovative tools and techniques to bring you the best products, at a great value. The biggest advantage we offer to our customers is the guarantee of carefully crafted and expertly curated high quality products.

Rooted in the belief that there are many things that we accumulate during our lifetime, but the things that we actually keep and are most dear to us, should be created thoughtfully and without compromising quality. We create heirloom quality jewelry.

Our Custom Design Process

Honest Pricing

We work direct with diamond sightholders, artisanal gem miners, and dedicated master bench jewelers to bring you uncompromised designer craftsmanship at wholesale prices you love, in time frames that work for you, without a retail mark-up.

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Unbiased Guidance

While technology has enabled us to do more efficiently, too much information is not only confusing, but oftentimes, it is conflicting and misleading. We’re here to bridge that gap and equip you with real, generational knowledge, all while providing you a better value overall so that you can feel confident in your decisions. 

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The Classic Gem - Lincoln Park

2514 N Halsted

Chicago IL, 60614

Available by Appointments
Mondays - Fridays, 11 am to 6 pm
Saturdays - 11 am to 5 pm
Closed on Sundays


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