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DIY Jewelry Cleaning at Home

As counter-intuitive as it sounds, do not over clean your jewelry as this activity over time and if done improperly can cause wear and tear on your jewelry! At home ultrasonic cleaners should be used with caution, especially for micro-pave' rings, tension set rings, or very delicate designs with a lot of tiny diamonds. Since ultrasonic cleaning works through sound waves, they can cause a stone to vibrate in its mounting, and the agitation can cause stones to become loose. Very often, you may not find out that your setting is loose until later, when your stone falls off. Always pay special attention to jewelry that is very dirty as sometimes dirt particles hide damaged mountings and help weak settings keep the gemstones in place. When the dirt is cleaned off by the ultrasound, however, you may find that your stones are no longer held tight. Below are some safer and effective methods of cleaning your jewelry on the go or at home!
Here is a great at home, DIY cleaning solution that is safer and easy to do: 
If you have Dawn dish soap, (with de-greasing power) at home, mix roughly one part soap to five parts warm/hot water. For every half a cup, you can put in a few big drops of soap. Soak it for 10-30 minutes, then take a brush with a soft bristle and gently brush all over, especially under the diamond or setting where dirt and oils accumulate. Pat dry, place it on a tissue or cloth, and blow dry on high or medium until completely dry. Blow drying helps to remove water residue which can leave spots that block the critical angle of a diamond or gemstone and make it less brilliant. When blow drying, put your jewelry item in an enclosed area so it won't get blown off, blow dry on a low setting, and wait for the ring to cool before picking it up to avoid dropping it as the ring may be very hot.

On-the-Go and At-Home Cleaning Spray:
Here is a product that I highly recommend. For many years in trade, I could not find a great at home cleaner, nothing that my Dawn dish soap, warm water, and blow dryer couldn't handle for those moments when I needed a quick clean and did not have access to my jewelers bench and fancy industrial grade tools and solutions. Our Brilliant Diamond and Gemstone Spray Cleaner is worth every sparkle and the secret sauce is that is is completely water soluble and removes not only dirt, and oils but tap water residues! There are only two forensic gemologists in the world, and it comes very highly recommended from one of them! 
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