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This piece was custom made and sold, however, we'd be happy to create a new one for you, tailored to your preferences, customized to your center stone of choice, to fit your exact finger size, and calibrated perfectly and precisely to ensure the best structural integrity and craftsmanship. Never from a mould, and tailor-made with fine quality gems. Learn more below or contact us at for a free quote or set up a time for a complimentary design consultation.

This rendering features a timeless three stone ring. The center stone is a pear brilliant cut with two tapered baguette diamonds. The shank is a classic tapered design with a cathedral style shoulder. Each diamond melee is meticulously hand selected and precisely calibrated to ensure a clean, and polished look. The height of the halo is medium to high, which helps create the look for more prominence and brilliance, showcasing the center stone best!

This design can be modified to fit any center stone in rounds, cushions, radiants, asschers, princess or emerald cut in diamonds, sapphires, rubies, emeralds, morganites and more. Please click the link below for more information!

The Making of Your Masterpiece

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Ever thought of creating a sentimental or unique piece of jewelry but not sure where to start? Our designers specialize in 3D CAD CAM technology and can create a realistic render of your jewelry concept and 3D print a wax prototype, which is then used to cast and set into your dream jewelry piece. We are there every step of the way to ensure your jewelry looks just like the way you envisioned it to be.

Custom designs are not only unique but they are built perfectly to fit your finger or gemstone versus retrofitting or re-sizing stock, which in some cases can weaken the structural integrity of a ring with many intricacies, or in other cases create gaps or an unfinished look. Each diamond is hand calibrated by our diamond specialist within one tenths of a millimeter and matched for color, clarity and table size. The results are always stunning and more importantly made with precision and solid craftsmanship. Learn more about our standards and quality here.

L2R: Picture of CAD Render, Wax Prototype/3D Print, and Complete/Finished Mounting

 Custom Made Diamond Ear Cuffs

Click here to see a sampling of 3D CAD Designs.

We have deep rooted experience in jewelry design architecture and industry expertise and knowledge in the background of metal-smithing/casting, stone setting/jewelry craftsmanship and gemology. We strive to make this process as seamless and fun, as it is informative in three simple steps:

The process typically takes 18-21 business days end to end, however depending on the scope of work, order, and current capacity, we can usually expedite custom orders to 10-15 days (excluding weekends and holidays). 

Step 1: Consultation

Send us your inspirations, and ideas to Please provide in as much details as possible, your design objectives and any meaningful or significant story behind your creation. Examples include: images, stories, occasion, budget, timeline. If you are not yet sure of which design idea best suits your goals and budget, we can also set up time to visit our shop or a phone consultation. 

Step 2: CAD Design Renditions
Once you have finalized your design objectives including a detailed design concept, sizes (stone sizes, finger sizes if applicable), we will create a CAD design that reflects all of the objectives defined in the prior step. Small tweaks and changes are welcomed during this process. The turnaround for this phase of the process is usually 5-7 business days.

Step 3: Approval and Production
Once you have approved the CAD concept or photo-realistic renders, we will move forward to create a wax prototype using the a state of the art jewelry 3D Printer called SolidScape, and then casted (using a lost wax method) into a precious metal of your choice for setting and finishing.
a.) Wax prototyping or 3D printing a castable resin. During this step, we also welcome you to view the wax model for added re-assurance on scale/size before we move to casting and completing the finished product. 
The turnaround for this phase of the process is usually 3-5 business days.
b.) Casting in the metal you chose such as platinum or white gold, rose gold, yellow gold in (585 or 750 / 1000 Au). 
The turnaround for this phase of the process is usually 3-5 business days.
c.) The last step is the Setting and Finishing process where our master bench jewelers set stones, polish, and finish the piece to make it come to life! We close the process out by a detailed quality inspection. This part of the process also takes 5-10 business days.
Our Design Agreement Terms can be found in this link. 

The Difference in our Diamond Melee Quality

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What quality of diamonds to do you use in jewelry manufacturing?

In most designs, the major cost of a piece is determined by the quality of the gemstones used, from color and clarity, and last but not least the cut quality which is often overlooked. This small detail produces a big impact in the overall look of a piece. Every diamond melee that we use in our production are fully faceted, which makes a huge impact in the fire, brilliance and scintillation needed to bring a jewelry masterpiece to life. 

Fully faceted, or full-cut melees diamonds are basically miniature versions of the the standard brilliant cut diamond, and are precision cut with 58 facets to produce the most optimal light performance for its size. We take pride in using the finest cut qualities of full-cuts (58 facets or more) coupled with higher end tiers of color and clarity to ensure that your fine jewelry scientifically cut and designed to maximize light performance versus "economic quality" melees that are commonly used in the marketplace today consisting of single-cuts (with only 17 or less facets).

Image below shows a Single Cut compared to a Full Cut diamond.

Here is a snapshot of three tiers of diamond qualities we use in our jewelry manufacturing.

Good | AA Quality: 
Brilliant and affordable, are the AA quality melees made of G/H, SI1-I1 clarity diamonds that are precision cut to produce the most brilliance. While this is our most basic tier, our AA quality melees are precision cut with full-cut (58 facets) vs. single-cut (17 facets) to produce the most brilliance that help ameliorate inclusions.
Better | AAA Quality:
This is one of our most popular choices for diamond melees, mainly because of the price and quality. Often compared to AAAA (Best) for its clarity and brilliance, made of F/G quality, VS1-2. These quality melees are one of the better qualities you can use to create a piece of jewelry to cherish a lifetime at a much more affordable price point while it still compares closely to a collectors quality. This quality can be found in many higher end pieces and is used by luxury brands such Tiffany & Co and such.
Best | AAAA Quality:
This is one of the purest, and most exceptional quality of diamond melees that exist, colorless (D,E,F) and clear (VVS to Flawless) with precision cut facets. This luxurious quality can be found in the most prestigious jewels around the world, made for collectors or those with the most refined taste. 
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