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Unveiling the Sparkle: Laboratory Grown vs. Earth Diamonds


Lab-grown diamonds have the same optical, visual, and hardness properties as natural diamonds. They are graded using the same scale and are accompanied by certificates from the 2 foremost authorities in diamond grading: International Gemological Institute (IGI) and/or Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

The main differences are: ORIGIN and PRICE.

Origin - one grown above ground, one grown below ground.

Price - substantial price differences. *Prices are subject to change due to market*

When it comes to diamonds, there's a sparkle of fascination that captivates our hearts. But did you know there are two ways diamonds come into this world? Let's delve into the sparkling world of lab-created and earth-mined diamonds to uncover their differences.

  1. Origin:

    • Earth Diamonds: These gems are formed deep within the Earth's crust under immense pressure and heat over millions of years. It's like nature's slow-cooked masterpiece.
    • Lab Diamonds: Contrary to their earthly counterparts, lab diamonds are born in a controlled environment, where scientists replicate the natural diamond-growing process in a fraction of the time. It's like giving nature a helping hand in the lab.

      In the debate between lab-grown and earth-mined diamonds, there's a clash between rarity and sustainability.

      • Rarity of Earth Diamonds: Earth-mined diamonds are often prized for their rarity. Formed deep within the Earth over millions of years, they carry a sense of exclusivity due to their limited supply. However, this rarity comes at a cost to the environment, as mining operations can lead to habitat destruction and resource depletion.

      • Sustainability of Lab Diamonds: On the other hand, lab-grown diamonds offer a more sustainable alternative. By replicating the natural diamond-growing process in controlled environments, lab diamonds bypass the need for mining and its associated environmental impacts. This process also allows for a more consistent supply of diamonds without depleting natural resources.

      In this clash, while earth-mined diamonds boast rarity, lab-grown diamonds champion sustainability. It's a choice between preserving nature's rarity and embracing a more eco-conscious future.

  2. IVF Baby Analogy:

    • Imagine diamonds as babies. Earth diamonds are like babies conceived the traditional way, while lab diamonds are akin to IVF babies. Both are equally precious, but their journeys to existence differ.
  3. The Myth of Retained Value:

    • There's a common misconception that earth-mined diamonds retain more value over time. However, like any commodity, the value of diamonds is subject to supply and demand dynamics.
    • Lab diamonds, on the other hand, offer a compelling advantage. They are significantly more affordable sometimes even more than 3-5x's less than Earth Mined. If you were ever in a pickle and had to sell your items and ditch town think of it this way you are saving that 3-5x's upfront if you had to sell. The buy-back value of diamonds is not guaranteed.
      • Regardless of their origin, it's important to recognize that all diamonds experience a loss of value when sold. While diamonds can hold sentimental value, their resale value is influenced by various factors, including market trends, demand, and the specific characteristics of the stone. Whether it's an earth-mined diamond or a lab-grown one, the resale value is subject to the dynamics of the diamond market. 

In essence, whether you choose an earth-mined diamond or its lab-grown counterpart, what truly matters is the sparkle in your eyes when you wear it!

*Note* At The Classic Gem, we are impartial and committed to providing our clients with their preferred choice, whether it's a lab-grown or earth-mined diamond. 

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