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The Difference in our Diamond Melee Quality

What quality of diamonds to do you use in jewelry manufacturing?

In most designs, the major cost of a piece is determined by the quality of the gemstones used, from color and clarity, and last but not least the cut quality which is often overlooked. This small detail produces a big impact in the overall look of a piece. Every diamond melee that we use in our production are fully faceted, which makes a huge impact in the fire, brilliance and scintillation needed to bring a jewelry masterpiece to life. 

Fully faceted, or full-cut melees diamonds are basically miniature versions of the the standard brilliant cut diamond, and are precision cut with 58 facets to produce the most optimal light performance for its size. We take pride in using the finest cut qualities of full-cuts (58 facets or more) coupled with higher end tiers of color and clarity to ensure that your fine jewelry scientifically cut and designed to maximize light performance versus "economic quality" melees that are commonly used in the marketplace today consisting of single-cuts (with only 17 or less facets).

Image below shows a Single Cut compared to a Full Cut diamond.

Here is a snapshot of three tiers of diamond qualities we use in our jewelry manufacturing.

Good | AA Quality: 
Brilliant and affordable, are the AA quality melees made of G/H, SI1-I1 clarity diamonds that are precision cut to produce the most brilliance. While this is our most basic tier, our AA quality melees are precision cut with full-cut (58 facets) vs. single-cut (17 facets) to produce the most brilliance that help ameliorate inclusions.
Better | AAA Quality:
This is one of our most popular choices for diamond melees, mainly because of the price and quality. Often compared to AAAA (Best) for its clarity and brilliance, made of F/G quality, VS1-2. These quality melees are one of the better qualities you can use to create a piece of jewelry to cherish a lifetime at a much more affordable price point while it still compares closely to a collectors quality. This quality can be found in many higher end pieces and is used by luxury brands such Tiffany & Co and such.
Best | AAAA Quality:
This is one of the purest, and most exceptional quality of diamond melees that exist, colorless (D,E,F) and clear (VVS to Flawless) with precision cut facets. This luxurious quality can be found in the most prestigious jewels around the world, made for collectors or those with the most refined taste. 
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