Jewelry Services

We are a full service jewelry shop, with a team and network of Chicago's finest bench jewelers, jewelry artisans and craftsman. Please contact us at 312 624 9822 or send inquiries to, and we will be happy to guide you through a jewelry solution or service.


As a brief overview, most of the prices may vary depending on the project but below are some guidelines and information on the process. Most of our projects  such as sizing, jewelry repairs come with a full service clean and stone check (tightening of the prongs) to ensure that each piece is in the best condition possible before leaving our workshop.

Custom ring wrap to create the illusion of a three stone bridal set.

3D CAM/CAM or Custom Design & Wax Prototype (3D Printed)
Create a new look out of old jewelry, or build on to a piece to fit like a puzzle! Inherited an heirloom ring and want to change the look? Upgrade a design or simply want to re-purpose an old piece? Call us for ideas! We specialize in 3D CAD-CAM (Computer Aided Drafting/Computer Aided Manufacturing) Designs. See some of our work here.
Price: Varies by Design

Jewelry Repairs & Alterations
Price varies, please contact us with a full description of changes you would like with pictures of the item, and send to Please also indicate a phone number and best time to reach you.

Jewelry Sizing
Although pricing may vary, below is a guideline on sizing prices. As counter intuitive as it sounds, it is always best to size up, rather than down to keep the structural integrity of a ring, especially if the design has diamonds on the shank or any stones on it.

Sizing Down/Up
Gold: Roughly 1/4th-1/2 size $45.00 | Roughly 1/2-1 size $65
Platinum/Palladium: Roughly 1/4th-1/2 size $75.00 | Roughly 1/2-1 size $95

Sizing Beads/Shots/Bridges

Sizing beads, shots or bridges are the best solution to size a ring down, or prevent it from turning or twisting on the finger with the least amount of impact to the ring. The beads, shots, or bridges are a non permanent solution, and can be removed by a jeweler if needed with no visible impact to the ring.
Gold: Small - roughly 1/4th size $65.00 | Medium - roughly 1/2 size $85 | Large - roughly 1 size $125.00. 
Platinum: Small - roughly 1/4th size $95.00 | Medium - roughly 1/2 size $125 | Large - roughly 1 size $165.00. 

Stone Setting
Varies by stone type and size.
Price varies by type, roughly $85.00 per carat.

Stone Replacement

We have various types of stones and sizes from black diamonds, to a variety of white diamonds, sapphires, emeralds and rubies. Please inquire for more information.

Laser Welding or Prong Re-tipping & Tightening
Price varies by type, roughly $65-150.00

Rhodium, Polish and Deep clean

Rhodium plating, also known as "dipping" is a process that is applied to all white gold rings. Gold is a naturally, well, a gold/yellowish colored alloy, and it is mixed with different semi-precious to precious metals that are "white" in color to give it a whiter look, and then rhodium is applied to it after an extensive cleaning and polish. Rhodium can only be applied to a clean, polished and dry ring (absent or any dust or dirt particles) by the process of electro-plating. Depending on wear and tear, and how acidic your skin is, rhodium plating can be done on an as needed basis. Our clients may come in once a year, and some not for several years and some not at all. Price: $85.00-$150.00

Pearl Re-Stringing & Deep Clean

Pearl re-stringing is a very unique process, and there are many ways to do it depending the the type of pearl (quality, size, etc) and the type of string and method.
We typically use a silk strand and double knot each pearl which allows for the most protection from falling apart and abrasion to ensure that it lasts a lifetime and beyond.
Price varies by type, roughly $65-150.00

Jewelry Appraisals
Full documentation, retail value insurance appraisal. 
Price: $85-$165.00 for standard items up to $35,000. Please inquire if the value is more than $35,000.