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Celebrating Your Journey with Redesigned Jewelry

Whether it's marking a milestone anniversary, celebrating a significant birthday, or embracing a new beginning, many of our clients choose to redesign their jewelry to infuse new energy into cherished pieces. Over time, styles evolve, personal tastes change, and life's transitions may inspire a desire for a fresh look that reflects your current journey. Events such as welcoming a new member to the family, achieving a career milestone, or moving forward from past chapters often prompt a reimagining of beloved items. Additionally, as pieces become worn or dated, they may require remounting to restore their beauty and functionality. We are here to guide you through transforming these cherished pieces into refreshed heirlooms, helping you create new memories, and give your jewelry a revitalized presence and a new chapter in your story. 

Step 1: Determine Your Design Vision

Begin by sharing your vision for the redesign. Our design team will collaborate with you to either integrate your existing diamonds or source new materials to complement your idea. This step ensures your new piece reflects a perfect blend of old sentimental value and new aesthetic appeal. Check out some of our projects on Instagram for inspiration or send us your ideas to with a brief description of the project and goals, and the best way to contact you. You may also make a call or in-person appointment to go over ideas. 

Step 2: Estimate Value and Design Costs

  • Calculate Melt-Down Value: Understand the melt-down value of your old piece by weighing it and identifying the metal type. This value is calculated based on the current market price of the precious metal, including refining fees. Remember, shipping and insurance fees are not covered, but batch shipping options can be discussed to reduce costs.
  • Estimate Design Costs: Use our Design Estimator Tool to gauge the cost of your custom jewelry. Typical designs start at $2,500 with an average design cost of ~3500 for basic models. Additional materials such as gemstones and diamonds can be sourced and priced independently. More complex designs will incur additional setting/labor fees. Credits from your melt-down value are applied to offset these costs. Feel free to browse designs here to get an idea of costs from design to materials and setting/bench jewelry costs.

Step 3: Finalize Timeline and Deposit

Once your design and cost estimates are approved, a 50% deposit is required to begin the crafting of your piece. The typical timeline for creating custom jewelry is 6-8 weeks, though this may vary with the complexity of the design.

Special Considerations

Please note that we are currently not accepting repurposing projects (i.e., heirlooms, gemstones, gifted jewelry, etc.) that were not manufactured or sold by Classic Gem due to recent insurance policy changes.

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