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Our Team

Our master craftsmen Kim and Tony bring a combined 55 years of experience in custom design, setting and repair.  We set our own diamonds, therefore we have better quality control over the whole manufacturing process! If you’re just in town for a weekend or an afternoon, our craftsmen are able to provide quick turn around on any piece.

Lollie K. is our resident third-generation, Gemological Institute of America (GIA) certified diamond specialist. Lollie spent most of her career in technology consulting before joining The Classic Gem in 2011. She will be happy to talk you through the 4Cs of diamonds, or her favorite precious gems and their origins. If you are picky, unsure of what you want, or need guidance on jewelry purchases, she would be happy to help provide you with a thorough overview.

>> Click here to schedule time with Lollie <<

Jenny manages internal projects and makes sure that our clients have all of the information they need at their fingertips. She is a BIG fan of her puppies Kindle and Sophie, and all things furry so if you are looking to make an adorable diamond studded dog collar, she's got you covered! She has a very "glamorous" and vintage type taste in jewelry so if you have questions on "art deco" versus "art nouveau," she would be happy to assist and recommend!

>> Click here to schedule time with Jenny <<

Kara is one of our in house designers and sales team members. She also manages our Instagram and social media networks with the latest trends and project we are working on! Kara is also our hand model :), and is also pretty great behind the jewelers bench with polishing and rhodium projects! The team relies on Kara for a lot of her fashion recommendations and celebrity jewelry news! Kara's style is very clean, classic and trendy!

>> Click here to schedule time with Kara <<

Dara is our second, third-generation, GIA certified jeweler and resident go-to gemologist. Aside from being a walking encyclopedia, he also does custom CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Design / Computer Aided Machinery) design work and jewelry appraisals.  If you’re looking for something a little different or special, bring us some pictures and Dara will turn your dream piece into a work of art!

Family-owned and operated means you’ll sometimes see other friendly faces at The Classic Gem. Dr. Nuth (a practicing physician at DuPage Medical) practically grew up selling jewelry at her parents store in Uptown.  She is a true jewelry fanatic. Her latest obsession is heirloom jewelry collections, and she can help you find that special piece you’ll want to keep in your family for generations! Kristopher is a technologist in AI or Deep learning and Machine learning and a data mining entrepreneur who is an avid enthusiast of diamonds and precious metals. If there’s anything you ever wanted to know about our the art and science of all things sparkly, he’ll tell you. He’s not too bad at picking out engagement sets either!

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