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Jewelry Concierge

  Let us help make gifting luxury jewelry an easy process, where you are guaranteed a great value with no compromise of quality! With deep rooted experience and education in gemology and jewelry design, we can carefully curate, design, or assist with any jewelry related endeavors, all ensuring only the best quality and value ends up in your hands. 
  • Personalized gift recommendations and anniversary reminders
  • Personalized or custom designed heirloom pieces
  • Service requests for high carat or rare gemstones
  • Gemstone, Jewelry care and guidance
  • Insurance appraisal and process set up with partner insurance companies with discounted rates and coverage; appraisal Updates
  • Consultancy service on repairs 
  • Friends and family discounts
  • Wedding planning vendor recommendations for florists, venues, gifts, with vetted and highly rated industry professionals/partners
  • After purchase care and maintenance

Please let us have your style, taste and budget preferences so we can provide you the best possible options and recommendations. Contact us to set up an appointment in office. If you're not in the Chicago land area, we can also set up a phone or video call. We want to make sure you have a great experience with us, no matter where you’re located. We are available via Skype and Messenger.

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