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Beyond the 4C's

Navigating the intricate world of diamond selection requires a keen eye for detail, especially when it comes to the cut of the diamond. At The Classic Gem, we understand that the cut is more than just a shape; it's about unlocking the full potential of the diamond's brilliance and beauty.

Understanding the Spread and Cut

The concept of "spread," or how a diamond appears from the top, is crucial. Like an iceberg, a diamond can carry significant weight below the surface, affecting its perceived size and brilliance. We specialize in identifying diamonds with an ideal balance between weight and spread, enhancing their overall appearance and value.

Nuances of Different Cuts

Each diamond cut has its own set of unique characteristics and challenges:

  • Ovals: We scrutinize ovals for bowties, proportion, and shape, ensuring a harmonious and attractive look.
  • Cushions: Known for their complexity, we meticulously evaluate cushions for depth, avoiding cuts that lead to undesirable effects like fish eyes or a crushed ice look.
  • Radiants and Emeralds: We pay special attention to these cuts, assessing the quality of facets and proportions to bring out their distinct beauty.

Decoding BGM and Color Undertones

At The Classic Gem, our expertise extends beyond the 4Cs (Carat, Color, Clarity, Cut) to include critical yet often overlooked factors like BGM (Brown, Gray/Green, Milky) and color undertones.

The Impact of BGM

BGM factors significantly influence a diamond's appearance and value. These characteristics, especially prevalent in lower color grades, can drastically alter the look of a diamond: 

  • Brown, Gray/Green Tones: Often not noted on certificates, these undertones can affect a diamond's color perception, particularly under different lighting. 
  • Color Undertones Beyond Yellow
    Standard color grading focuses on yellow hues, but our selection process recognizes the importance of brown or gray undertones. These subtle shades can dramatically influence a diamond's appearance, especially when combined with fluorescence.

  • Milky Diamonds: Not graded on standard certificates, a milky appearance can obscure a diamond's clarity and brilliance, making your diamond appear dull.


Choosing a diamond with The Classic Gem means embarking on a journey of discovery and assurance. Our dedication to each aspect of diamond selection, from the precision of the cut to the subtleties of BGM and color undertones, sets us apart. We commit to providing diamonds that not only meet but exceed the highest standards of beauty and brilliance.

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