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Jewelry Cleaning & Restoration

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Clean Level

Please note that we are currently not accepting repair projects for pieces that were not manufactured by us due to recent insurance policy changes. 

For TCG products, Quick Meet - Ring Cleaning Drop-Off  

Basic Clean (45 minutes - Same day service may be available)

All basic level cleaning is complimentary for products that we manufactured or sold. Includes ultrasonic clean, soft bristle brushing, and heated steam clean. 

Intermediate Clean (3-6 weeks)
This includes all aspects of the basic clean + a polish to buff out scratches as well as an integrity check or light tightening. Recommended as an annual maitenance for rings that are lightly worn or more delicate in nature such as pave' designs or microprong designs. 

Full Restoration Clean (3-6 weeks)
The full restoration clean is a complete overhaul of the ring to bring it back to factory condition/like new.

Recommended for rings that are in poor condition or have been heavily used, or as a maintenance routine annually for rings that are more delicate in nature.
This does not include diamond or melee replacement and is a service only to tune up the ring, tighten or fix prong, deep clean and polish or restore entire peice back to new. For a list of prices for smaller side stones or melees, please click here.

Tip: Full restorations and stone replacements are typically covered by your independent jewelry insurance plan as a preventative measure. Reach out to your insurance agent for coverage details.

This entails a deep ultrasonic soak overnight, soft bristle brushing, and heated steam clean, as well as polishing to remove light scratches and rhodium plating (if necessary). Additionally, an examination under a microscope for weak prongs, structural risks, or loose stones will be performed and any loose stones will be tightened. Bigger repairs like prong replacement or re-tipping or laser welding (if needed) may require additional time and servicing costs. Don't forget to schedule a drop off or pick-up here

Email us at, call/text us at 312 291 1436 or schedule a visit here to view items available in store.

Schedule an Appointment

Please note that we are currently not accepting repair projects for pieces that were not manufactured by us due to recent insurance policy changes.

We offer maintenance and jewelry services for products that we have manufactured to offer our clients the support and peace of mind that they have someone to go to when their items need to be serviced.

It's best to send us an e-mail ahead of time with a description of the work needed and then follow up with a consultative meeting (which can also be done virtually or via a phone call) before a drop-off. 

Pictures can be emailed to with repair or restoration requests as the subject.

Please note: The current repair timeline is approximately 2-4 weeks out depending on the complexity of the project.

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