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Stackable Ring Trends for Any Style

There really are no limits when it comes to adding to your stack. Whether the intent is to accentuate boldly or add a twist to your current bridal set, stacking gives you those options and many more. Here are a few stacking options that follow the latest industry trends. 

Geometric Shapes

We’ve seen the geometric trend all over social media in the last year! Heavy geometric forms can be combined with more delicate parts to form a really unique, powerful statement piece.

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Pairing #1:


Pairing #2:


Pairing #3:

Asymmetry and Curves/Angles

Some may feel a little off balance by the asymmetry trend — pun not intended! But we have seen this trend evolve and take over. People are drawn to this unique look because it helps each person showcase their individuality with unexpected designs. Consider curved/angled styles to add a touch of edge.


Pairing 1:

Halo-Style Engagement Ring or Band
Pairing #2:

Accented Engagement Ring

Pairing #3


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