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Best Cleaner to Restore the Brilliance!

Finding the right cleaner at home cleaner to recommend to our clients has been such a large undertaking! Although we have all the professional cleaning tools and chemicals with a dedicated 500 square feet of space to polish, ultrasonic clean, rhodium, steam, and check the prongs, we realize this is not realistic for non jewelry professionals, or our clients who need to sparkle their diamonds at home! Brilliant Gemstone & Diamond Shine Restoring Spray is highly recommended and used forensic gemologists and appraisers to ensure a diamond or gemstone is the most brilliant and clean from dirt, skin oils, lotion and product deposits, and hard water residue.

**New Item: Extra Soft and Gentle Cleaning Brush. The bristles are extra soft and very fine to get into every inch of your jewelry item. Brushing will help remove any stuck on oils/debris which is often underneath the stones. This will clear up anything that may be blocking light from entering your stone and allowing it to sparkle at its maximum brilliance! 

Order yours today!



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