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Testimonials and Mentions

Our philosophy is simple: produce amazing customer satisfaction through transparency and quality of experience. We believe trust is the foundation of any type of achievement, personal or professional, and we are so thankful for the wonderful and heartwarming feedback from our customers!



The Classic Gem is AMAZING!! To say the least! My now fiance and I got engaged about a month ago and I am just now finding time to make a yelp page to write this well deserved review. (I initially found them on yelp, so it’s only fitting)!! The whole team is just amazing! All sisters, all very knowledgeable, and fun! My then boyfriend and I decided to do the process together so that I get my perfect dream ring (lucky me) and we both get to share the sentimental memories! I remember stopping in on a Saturday they were so swamped with clients, however, Kara and Lalin accommodated us right away! We showed them photos of my dream ring which was was a very very dainty elongated cushion halo and they had the exact ring made in Platinum (easy enough) I was sold at that moment. My fiance wanted me to try on other items to get a better feel for if that was THE ring and they happily pulled out all different styles for me to try. I must admit it was fun, but I stuck to the original. We went on for about an hour going through diamonds and the 4C’s. We did at home research, but learned so much more in person and never once felt pressured or like we were taking up their time like other shops. They are a family business and also a fabulous team all very skilled and detail oriented! They know their stuff!! I get sooo many compliments on my ring and here I thought it was a fairly common ring but it is absolutely breathtaking! My fiance didn’t even go anywhere else after we stopped into TCG he chose the perfect diamond and surprised me about 2 weeks after our first visit! Oh yeah, those girls work fast! I would 100% recommend to anyone experienced or newbie they will make you feel comfortable and at home! I am already thinking about bands and I’m only 1 month in for wedding planning!

Go to The Classic Gem for any and ALL of your jewelry needs. You will totally adore them!! They will make your life much easier. Thank me later.

Sara and Mike 

To say that we received phenomenal service and craftsmanship from the Classic Gem would be a massive understatement.

After pursuing various independent jewelers on Etsy and being deeply unsatisfied with the quality of the design, materials, and service, I approached Lollie at the Classic Gem while wandering Jeweler’s Row with a friend. I’m a special snowflake and needed the kind of ring that no one else had, and she was willing to research and source a center stone that apparently no one else can find. My idea of what the perfect ring looks like was the unicorn of rings- fabled to be perfection but is nowhere to be found in any store. It took about two months to find the perfect stone. Within those two months, every time a new stone arrived in the store, Lollie would send and email so I could come look at the selection she had. We needed a 2ct round morganite, which is very difficult to find since this stone usually comes in a cushion or oval cut to preserve table size. Finally, Lollie reached out and said that she found a round brilliant morganite but it was a little over 3 ct. She asked if that was OK since it was so much larger than we had initially to intended to go with a center stone. I like bling. Why on earth would I turn down a larger stone? If my man was OK with that, then I was 100% OK with that. I was impressed with quality of the stone she found. If there is anything I can say about Lollie, it is that she truly values quality. That is the one element she does not compromise, and she will do everything in her power to make a design work without ever sacrificing quality. Definitely a huge step up from Etsy jewelers sourcing morganite, who will sacrifice quality (severely included diamond chips as melees, crooked settings, cloudy center stones, etc) for a quick buck.

My fiance had me work directly with Lollie to create a concept design- he figured that if I have to wear this ring until I’m dead in the ground, it’d better be perfect. We teamed up with Lollie’s amazing brother, Dara to perfect the design. Lollie and Dara were incredibly patient as we went through a couple rounds of revisions to the original CAD to get it right. My setting is based off of various elements of different rings I liked, and once I approved the final CAD, everything went back under wraps until the proposal.

I have no idea when the ring was made, and I didn’t even know when it was in our house for a week before the proposal. Even given my involvement in finding the perfect ring, I was still completely surprised when he proposed. After the dust settled, I looked down at my ring and was blown away at how gorgeous the finished product was. That thing is CRAZY. The dream ring from my dream man. I think I died and went to heaven. Picking out the stone and seeing a concept drawing as separate elements did not even come close to how perfectly constructed the ring was in person. My fiance picked the ring up a week before he proposed, and even he was so awestruck by the quality and craftsmanship that he said he would take it out of its box everyday when I wasn’t home and take a ton of pictures of it. Haha! The yellow-gold setting was perfect and even the melees in my ring were of excellent color, cut, and clarity.

We definitely feel like we fell into the right hands in working with Lollie, Kris, Dara, Lalin, and Jenny. They not only run an honorable business that completely caters to the needs of the client, but they are all wonderful people! At the Classic Gem, you will be treated like family. You get so much more than you pay for with custom work at the Classic Gem. It is not just about the product, but the experience. You do not get that with any chain jeweler, or even any independent jeweler. They are a truly incredible team who absolutely made my dream ring into a stunning reality. I have received compliments on my ring every single day since we got engaged and it is all thanks to the Classic Gem! We are blessed to have worked with them and will be returning again for our wedding rings (yellow gold and diamond bands for me, black tungsten for him- holler back)!

P.S. You can see Lollie’s final design under photos on their Yelp page.

Suez C. 

Having an engagement ring sit in a drawer seemed wasteful. My ex hubs couldn’t use it for his current wife, fiance at the time. Well he could have, but that would result in a new and unnecessary fight about the past, jealousy, feelings or whatever else we make a big deal out of blah blah blah. No girl wants jewelry that an ex wore. Understandable. I was not going to wear it for obvious reasons. What to do, what to do?

Working hard watching the Real Housewives of Beverley Hills, one of the wives gave a gift using the stones from an old piece. Lo and behold my new earrings were born. I emailed Lollie and visited her at the store. We went over options and ideas and I settled on solitaire for two of the stones. From dropoff to finish I had my finished product is less than a week. I checked out two jewelry stores by my house before I went to Lollie. I got the best deal from her and couldn’t ask for a better experience. Next time I am going straight to her and not wasting my time anywhere else.

Jenny D. 

I don’t even know where to begin. I don’t think I can say enough amazing things about Lollie, Jenny, and the entire team at Classic Gem. My fiance and I just got engaged on Saturday and the ring Lollie helped us design is the most beautiful ring I have ever seen. In just the three short days that we have been engaged, I have gotten stopped more times than I can count with people complimenting me on my ring. Lollie helped my fiance (whoa) gain so much knowledge about all the different type of diamonds, settings, and all the different styles there are, and she did it in such a warm way. They are more than willing to work with any and all budgets, but more than anything, they just really want to see you happy with the ring they are helping you design. My fiance never raves about anything, but as soon as he proposed, he said “I would recommend them to ANYONE and EVERYONE!” We are already looking forward to getting our wedding bands from them- along with any other jewelery needs along the way. To everyone at Classic Gem, we can’t say thank you enough for such a fantastic experience and such a stunning ring!!


On behalf of my friend Senada she has asked me to write an review for her because she doesn’t have a yelp account…. She took her bought engagement ring from Kay jeweler she the classic Gem because she has met her client Jenny that works there and talked a little bit about her ring…. She wasn’t very happy with Kay’s and he price they charge her for everything even tho she has warranty on her ring… They made her ring look amazingly better than when she even got it! They added balls in the inside of her ring so it wouldn’t rotate around her finger and they polished it and cleaned it is sparkly amazing and looks like I said better than ever!!!! Lollie helped her out because Jenny was out of town but kindly told her that she would be out and will still be taken care of …. And nothing but positive things about this place! It s the classic GEM!!! And if she would have found them along time ago would of gladly told her fiancé to get her ring from them!!!!!!!

Ha V. 

I can’t even begin to start on how lucky we got with Lollie and her team.

My husband had shopped around quite a bit for my engagement ring, and up until the very last person who he bought the ring from, he hated the entire experience. He said everyone was too aggressive, nobody actually listened to him, and he felt as though he wasn’t getting the answers he wanted, leading him farther and farther away from the perfect ring for me.

A coworker of mine had gone to Lollie for his and his wife’s wedding bands, and he had mentioned that it was a really easy going experience and that both he and his wife were really happy with their purchases. When I told my then fiance that I wanted to check her out, he was really stressed out and said he just knew it’d be a terrible experience given his experience with all of the other stores in this area. I, too, was hesitant but hoping for the best. Despite being pushy myself, I can’t stand pushiness from others and being 6 months pregnant my patience was even shorter and less manageable.

By the end of it all, we bought both wedding bands with Lollie – his a simple white gold band and mine the perfect dainty one with diamonds half way around, complimenting my engagement ring so nicely. My pregnant fingers are too swollen to wear them right now, but I stare at my rings every night in their box – they are just so pretty together.

I should also point out that Lollie had our rings ready for us in only 3 days – we came in on a Tuesday, I believe, and it was ready for us that Friday, which was great because we were getting married the following Monday. I know, we are terrible – you should really give them more time than we gave them!

All in all, Lollie and her team are great. They are patient, thorough, and they do all that they can to make you feel comfortable. I was really conflicted when it came to what I actually wanted, but Lollie and her team took pictures of my hand with different rings on, modeled the rings on their own fingers, etc. It really could not have been a better experience, in my opinion. My husband and I kept thinking how lucky we were to find Lollie, and we will definitely be recommending her to our friends and family.

Jen P. 

Wedding planning is the absolute pits (unless you’re trying desserts. that’s delighful). Lollie, Jenny, and Kara make your life so much easier!

We had no idea what we wanted or what we were doing. They were so friendly (without being pushy) and started pulling out different rings to try. Lollie even let me try on her wedding band. They were able to quickly figure out what types of rings we’d like and didn’t try to push you to buy anything.The other places we went to (Giovar and James and Sons) were not nearly as helpful/friendly.

Aside from their vast knowledge of jewelry, Lollie has great wedding planning tips—she gave some suggestions for flowers (Mariano’s-go to the one on Elston and ask for Brittan) and make-up (Angie Diem). We went with those vendors too and have not had any problems.

They quickly respond to e-mails and our rings are spectacular!

Kristy R. 

I have never had such great customer service ever!!! Lollie is the young lady that is the “face” so to speak of the classic gem. Her interation with customers is amazing!! She goes above and beyond for her customers and this is something that no hardly every does.
I walked into 1 N Wabash because I was looking to buy a ring for my girlfriend. I had an idea ofr what I wanted and the price range and she said we promise we will help you out and find what you are looking for. After looking at a few options, nothing really stood out to me, so I decided to show Lollie what I found on Zales website. This is what I really wanted. So, she told me to come back on Monday and she would show me what she found. Whelp, she found exactly what I was looking for at another one of her stores. I was sooo excited. I rushed to the store befroe class and she forgot to have it sized to the 8.5..but not a big deal, she had it sized to the corrct size and even dropped it of at Columbia College (i had class that day). She also put in a personal note which was awesome and checked back later on that week to make sure all went well. You can not find a better family owened business who really cares about their customers. We will be going back there to get my ring before wet married there is no doubt about it. The most awesome thing besides everything else that was awesome about Lollie, her family and their business is that they are gay friendly, yep thats rigth, gay friendly. I was not treated any differently, in any way, than a man buying a ring for his girfriend would be. I really really appreciated that. Thanks to Lollie and The Classic Gem!!!

Katie S. 

My fiancee and I went to The Classic Gem to repurpose stones for my engagement ring and my wedding band. My fiancee had a diamond that is a 4-generation family ring, but I wanted emeralds flanking the side of my diamond. Lollie helped him to design the ring and it came out perfect! I came back about a year later with my Grandma’s wedding band. They were able to take the diamonds out of the setting and put into a new setting, all the while keeping the integrity of the diamonds. I am so pleased with their work and they work very quickly! I couldn’t recommend highly enough!

Kevin L. 

TL;DR: Just go here for jewelry. I got engagement and wedding rings here and they are super helpful and friendly.

I went here with my girlfriend (now wife) to look at rings before we got engaged so that she could show me what she would want. Lollie, Lalin, Kara, and Jenny were all incredibly helpful in pointing us in the right direction. I ended up coming back a few months later to order the custom ring that we had decided on previously. The ring came back a few weeks later and it was beautiful.
I’ve come back about a dozen other times to have the engagement ring resized, then to get wedding rings, and to exchange my wedding ring a couple of times to get my size right. Every time I come in, everyone is very friendly and they offer to clean our rings for us.

So again, if you’re buying jewelry, this is where you should go.

Rene C.

We worked with Lollie and her family to create a custom engagement ring that my fiancée designed. She is a designer and had particular things that she wanted, but Lollie and Co. helped us out every step of the way.

We went to them first and liked the service a lot. They weren’t pressuring us to make any decisions, they just told us the facts about the diamond and ring business. We went to many more jewelers after talking to them to get the best price: New York, Chicago, California, Texas, and stores online. After a few months of searching, we ended up back at The Classic Gem. They had the best prices AND the best service so…what else could we want?

We decided to go the custom route and it couldn’t have been an easier process. We chose a design and talked about the structure of the setting and they let us know what could and couldn’t be done. We were on a very compact two to three week deadline (I was going to propose over the holidays…she said yes!) and Lollie assured us that they would make the deadline. To do this, she even met my fiancée on a Sunday, when they are closed, so my fiancée could choose a center piece diamond. The rest of the process (CAD drawings, feedback, changes) went smoothly and they didn’t push back on our choices. They simply informed us of the implications of our decisions.

We ended up getting the ring in time and we are both extremely satisfied! They are great people to work with and you’d be doing yourself a disservice if you went somewhere else. Trust me…we’ve looked!

Jacqueline & Richard 

Lollie and her family went above and beyond for my fiance, one that is extremely skeptical about the engagement ring purchasing process. The ring is Absolutely Gorgeous!!!!!! I cannot stop staring at it and wondering if I’m dreaming. Thank you so much for restoring his faith that this process can be memorable.

The Classic Gem did not pressure my fiance at all. He was able to take his time with the stone selection since we were looking for an Oval stone and the clarity and cut was very important.

They were very patient during the design process and allowed for many adjustments in order to make sure that is was ideal for the soon to be bride.

I just wanted to extend my thanks to the Classic Gem, Lollie and family for making this such a wonderful experience for Richard and I. I am so happy and blessed to know you Lollie, and really appreciate the work your family did for us. Please extend our gratitude. We look forward to seeing you for anniversaries to come!!!


~ Jacqueline & Richard

Paul L. 

Simply amazing. I had my engagement ring custom made by Jenny, Lollie, and their team and the ring came out even better than I had imagined. Lollie helped me choose the perfect diamond that was within my budget and I’m positive that I wouldn’t have gotten a better price elsewhere. Unlike other jewelers, she educated me more of the finer details about diamonds and that made me feel very confident about the diamond that I was buying. This process was very quick. Then came the custom design of the ring and I honestly don’t think that any other place would have had the patience that Jenny had, to work with me and build my ring. During the design process of the ring, Jenny took my idea and then added suggestions to it and improved my design. Next came the CAD rendering and the ring looked beautiful. Then a wax model was made and I was starting to see it come to life. Finally the ring was cast and the diamond was set, and all I can say is that the ring was absolutely perfect and I was so happy. Jenny and Lollie were so professional, so welcoming, I was very lucky to have my engagement ring done by them. They are the best.


My boyfriend purchased a setting from Lollie and family. It’s gorgeous. I can’t stop looking at it.

With that out of the way… We visited a number of stores on Jeweler’s Row and around Chicago. Bigger shops like NY Jewelers. One man shops in windowless offices, 10 floors up on Wabash. Artsy custom shops up in Lincoln Park. Many were ok but according to my boyfriend Classic Gem hit it out of the park with selection, price, speed, and service.

The bigger shops had selection but upsold like used car salesman, the smaller shops were friendly but had less selection and didn’t set on location (they send your diamond somewhere), and the artsy ones were really expensive and took a while. Point being, Custom Gem found the right setting, was a reasonable price, set it on the spot in front of you, had unbelievable friendly service. I highly recommend going straight there (or at least sending your boyfriend straight there).

Good luck!

Lauren B. 

This review is long overdue. Lollie and her team are just terrific! They are incredibly knowledgeable, friendly, and just a pleasure to work with. I originally wanted to re-purpose an aquamarine as my engagement ring. We went through the design process, which ultimately a plastic mold was made for me to come in a try on. I did, and determined that this was NOT in fact what I wanted. My finance and I ended up with a completely different ring than what my original idea was and I couldn’t be happier! They worked within our price range and never showed us anything that we could not afford. You just can’t go wrong with with these young ladies! Looking forward to wedding band shopping.

Janelle A. 

Let me just say that The Classic Gem saved our wedding! See, we had bought our rings at another jeweler and when we went to pick them up yesterday, they weren’t what we’d ordered. Long story short, we asked for a refund and walked out with no rings and a wedding two weeks away. I was so stressed, I decided to go to bed and deal with it the next day.

So today, I google “gay friendly jeweler in Chicago” and up comes Steve Quick, but I’ve been in SQ before and they were just “okay” and pretty overpriced IMO. Then I see The Classic Gem and I’m like, “Hmm, they sound interesting. Let me check them out.” So I do and I LOVE the ring images they have. Still, I want to be absolutely sure they’re nice people, so I call and explain our situation. That’s when I knew they were the right jeweler for us. Not only were they professional, but they were genuinely nice on the phone. The owner asked my name and what time we would be by and I hung up feeling excited.

After work, we stopped by as planned. As we walk in, the owner looks up and says, “Are you Janelle?” It was great. They already had some rings pulled out for us to look over. They were super nice and extremely knowledgeable about their profession. In fact, my partner originally wanted etching and a flatter ring, but they explained why that may not be the best choice to compliment her engagement ring. Something the other jeweler failed to do. They were right.

We tried on several rings and never did they make us feel rushed, even though we came in an hour before closing. In fact, they even cleaned my fiancé’s engagement ring and applied rhodium touch up while we got a bite to eat, for no additional charge. They took their time to listen to our needs and are just genuinely nice people.

Oh and the best part? We spent less money than we would have at the other jeweler! Walking out with our wedding rings was great, but the smile on my partner’s face was priceless. We’ll be back for any and every jewelry need we have in Chicago!


After wandering the mall and the rest of Jeweler’s Row, I came across this ‘gem.’

Absolutely amazing service and patience. Many other jewelers I went to had me feeling rushed, but this family owned shop understood that purchasing an engagement ring is a big deal and finding the perfect one within your budget can’t be rushed.

They found a diamond for me and helped a big deal when it came to finding a great ring to match. Everyone loves the ring I purchased for my finance and I couldn’t be happier.

They also help out after the purchase. I needed to resize the ring and they did it while I grabbed a cup of coffee. They also cleaned and polished the ring for us!! They always go above and beyond and are a great run jewelry store. They have passion for diamonds and give great advice! On top of all that, they have extremely competitive prices!

Thanks for helping me pick out the perfect ring!

Charlie E. 

I recently was in the market for an engagement ring and had shopped the entire stretch of “Jeweler’s Row” before coming to the Classic Gem and meeting Lollie. While some shops on the Row had decent selection, many had very limited variety and were a bit above my budget range. I even shopped at chains like Kay’s and Jared, but left disappointed by how outwardly cheap their merchandise appeared and how expensive they ultimately cost.

Then I went to The Classic Gem. Lollie had fairly wide selection of stones and setting available, most within my price range. She was very helpful, taking the time to go over all the different options for settings with my girlfriend and even introducing me to other attractive options like morganites. I ended up having a gorgeous morganite in a mill grain setting made up at a price below what was being offered by other shops on the row.

Lollie and her associates were very expedient in crafting the piece once I placed the order. I was prepared to wait about 4 to 5 weeks to give her enough time to put everything together (a fairly reasonable amount of time, especially if she is crafting something individually “from scratch”) and was elated when she was able to complete in the order in less than two weeks!

Lollie is an amazing artisan who really takes the time to help you design and craft a piece that’s unique to your specifications rather than immediately hounding you to buy whatever’s in her counter. Overall I would highly recommend The Classic Gem for anyone in the market for fine crafted jewelry. Skip the rest of the ‘Row’. Just go to straight to ‘The Gem.’

Dana D. 

The Classic Gem is a … a gem? Ahem, that being said, when my boyfriend (future husband) first started looking at engagement rings, this was one of his first stops. His search ended here when he met Lollie, a woman who didn’t scoff at my desire to have a slightly offbeat and old-fashioned sapphire in a gold setting.

So my first experience with the product was a few months ago, and my first experience working with Lollie (one of the owners) was when we stopped by to have my ring re-sized. She was incredibly accommodating and warm, and she assured us that we weren’t annoying (despite my hemming and hawing about how well the ring actually fit).

If I recall correctly, Lollie’s father is a goldsmith who makes many of the bands and settings The Classic Gem offers (I’m sorry if I’m remembering incorrectly, Lollie!). For me, I love that the chain of custody from gold bar to my finger is so short, although that isn’t the selling point of the store. Lollie, her future husband, brother (and I’m sure all the other employees I haven’t met yet) are incredibly informed and engaging, and they seem to truly love working with people.

We recently purchased my wedding band from The Classic Gem for a very reasonable price, and we will return to check out the options Lollie found to suit my boyfriend’s demands for his band (he has many). This is really a great store, and it’s worth checking out.

Elizabeth H. 

Amazing! Out of all the places in Jewler’s Row, Lollie is by far the best person to work with. She was professional and fair in helping my fiance find the perfect engagement ring for me (which is beautiful BTW). We will definitely be going back there for our wedding bands!

Additionally, I’ve gone back and forth with her via email a few times and she even sent me a web site for wedding seating charts since she was at the end process of planning her wedding. She is truly a great person and I appreciate her kindness.

Richard B. 

I recently purchased a custom-made engagement ring here. They helped me turn half-formed vague ideas about what I wanted into a beautiful finished ring. They were low pressure, and patient with me as I flip-flopped several times on different issues related to the setting and center stone. Jennie, Lollie, and Kara were very communicative throughout, and bent over backwards to stay within my budget. Most importantly, though, is that the ring turned out better than I could have hoped. Go here!

Jae E. 


I highly highly recommend the Classic Gem also. I cannot say good enough things about this place.

First of all, they have the most beautiful settings and diamonds. Very fairly priced. We looked at rings from so many different places until we came here, and The classic gem has the most unique, elegant rings by far.

They kindly helped us through so many things and were very patient with us. I am 100% going back there for my fiancé’s wedding band and for more jewelry!

I now have the most perfect engagement ring! Everyone has been asking me about them and I have been telling them all about this place. It was so wonderful working with Lollie, Dara & Lalin (sorry if i misspelled your name) and we cannot wait to come back for more beautiful jewelry.

Thank you so much. You guys made everything so much better & fun for us.

Ali W. 

Love this place!! We came here for my fiance’s wedding band looking specifically for tungsten. Lollie and Kris were great to work with and we were really impressed with their large selection of different styles and metals. They made the process really easy and were very knowledgeable.

Lollie was also really easy to get a hold of and always responded quickly to any questions I had. We definitely will be coming back and recommending them to our friends! Thanks again for everything!

Chester L. 

What can I say about Classic Gem. I’ve never had this great of an experience shopping for anything. Ever.

My journey began 11 months ago as I was searching for an engagement ring for my then girlfriend, now, wife! I went to countless stores and while I walked away from each store with some knowledge I still had no idea what I should be looking for. Clarity is important, cut is important, yada, yada and all those things make a diamond more expensive. It wasn’t until I came tothe Classic Gem that I really felt that someone was actually HELPING me.

Lollie was fantastic. She taught me so much about diamonds and what everything means, and she explained it all in real people terms. She even encouraged me, after arming me with so much knowledge, to look around other places to see what I liked. I could not believe what a steal I was getting on my diamond alone. Places were trying to charge almost twice as much for a diamond half the size. HALF the size. And let’s not even get into settings. For what I paid for the entire ring (diamond, which was certified, and setting) other places were going to charge me just for the setting and a cubic zirconian…yes, they were charging me thousands of dollars for a fake diamond.

I can’t recommend Classic Gem enough. Their customer service is off the charts and their prices cannot be beat. It’s rare to find such a terrific, honest, group of people that you can trust with a big purchase like an engagement ring (and wedding rings too!). Knowing what I know I would not buy jewelry from anywhere else but Classic Gem.

They have customers for life.

Brian M. 

The Classic Gem staff is truly exceptional. They worked with me and my budget to find the perfect engagement ring. I know it was perfect from the look on my now-fiance’s face after I proposed! They are very knowledgeable, courteous, and friendly. I would recommend The Classic Gem to anyone and everyone.

Matt M. 

I highly recommend The Classic Gem to anyone who is looking to be educated and guided while shopping for the perfect piece of jewelry. I had met with both Lollie and Dara and they were amazingly knowledgeable and helpful. After meeting with them I met with 4 other jewelers, recommended to me by friends, to shop around, and in the end came back to Lollie and Dara to purchase what was the PERFECT engagement ring for my girlfriend, now fiancee. Not only was the price right, but I truly felt (and feel) that I could trust them. If nothing else, The Classic Gem should be one of the few places you check out while shopping around (if friends are recommending people they know…like me). If you do decide to meet with Lollie or Dara, I am confident you will end up with them in the end.

Maddi R. 

Lollie is very knowledgeable, and that they have a very large selection of engagement and diamond jewelery (especially tennis bracelets and pendants.) I’ll be coming back here again

Stephen H. 

Lollie and Lalin and the the whole team at The Classic Gem were fantastic to work with.

I walked in by happenstance in October during their grand opening weekend (but before the signs were even up) and was blown away by their knowledge, selection, and approach to working with their customer (me). As I am currently an out of towner, they worked with me via email and during a few visits back to the windy city for work. They sent me high-res images of some of the rings I’d looked at via email, and helped me narrow down from afar before I finally made the trip back from Minneapolis and made the purchase in December.

Lollie and her family have a lot of experience in the diamond/jewelry industry, with parents who also own a shop on Jewelers Row, and it shows! They were easily able to answer any of my questions, be they about the 4C’s, price, or just about their business model as we ‘shot the breeze’.

The engagement ring I selected for my fiancée is gorgeous (her friends and random folks she meets tell her all the time). And as long as she’s happy, I’m happy – after all, she did say yes!

Any engagement ring is a significant investment, but I am very pleased with the value I received. They were great to work with and I even went ahead and purchased the engagement ring and wedding band together as a set; which has helped from a matching and over all cost perspective.

I highly recommend The Classic Gem as THE place to shop for an engagement ring (or set, like me), and I won’t be surprised if I’m back in there with my fiancée looking for MY band before long.

Alex R. 

Great service that led me to buy a beautiful necklace. I will definitely be going back when its time to start shopping “the RING”.

George B. 

This is my first yelp review! 
I don’t normally bother with reviews but the attention, service, very reasonable prices and overall fantastic experience I received from this family owned jeweler was second to none. 
I had just recently proposed to my wonderful fiancé on the Great Wall of China! The road to this joyous and unforgettable moment would be a welcomed challenge as I am more of a traditionalist and wanted it to be a complete surprise. Honestly, I had some anxiety about picking out the perfect engagement ring and started doing some serious on-line research (4 Cs, etc.) I enlisted my sister to do some reconnaissance, IE. jewelry window shopping with my fiancé, to learn what she would love. When I was finally ready to go to the next step I thankfully took the advice of my sister and came to Lollie and her family’s shop. 
Having done my research I narrowed the vast array of possibilities down to the shape, size, setting, and metal of the band. I thought I knew exactly what I was looking for but there was still so much variety even within my choices. I’m an engineer and by nature I tend to analyze more than the average person. I may have over analyzed that day because what I thought would take no more than an hour or two turned into four hours! To say that Lollie had been very, very, patient with me would be an understatement. 
When looking at the loose stones I was given all the time needed without any pressure. They even guided me through inspecting the stone with a loupe and telling me what to look for according to the diamond’s grading report issued by GIA (not all grading labs are created equal- GIA developed the 4 Cs system). 
A couple hours into the process I decided on a particular princess diamond, a simple prong setting, a white gold band with a semi-channel of mini diamonds and a wedding band to match. A day or two later I received the call and both rings were polished and ready in a beautiful heart-shaped box. 
My fiance was nearly speechless when she saw the ring :-)
After returning from our trip she went in to get the band re-sized to a smaller size and received the same great attention to detail and dedicated service I had experienced. She continually gets complements and loves her ring (and fiance).
I will be recommending Classic Gem to everyone I know and will be coming back sometime in the near future for a wedding ring for myself. 
George B.

Nirav A. 

I love this place! I had a great experience here. The owners are very nice and helpful. They answered all my questions and NEVER once pressured me into buying anything. I had been to several places to find an engagement ring, but this place had the best selection and quality! I got a great deal on the ring too. I took the ring to an independent appraiser and he appraised it more than what i bought it for! THIS IS HANDS DOWN THE BEST PLACE IN CHICAGO!

Moody A. 

I just signed on Yelp only to give Classic Gem a review that comes very well deserved. I was so glad that I found this place as I found the best engagement setting at a very amazing price. This place offered it all: Professionalism, Communication, Top line products, Sizing’s on location, Great Prices, etc. Its a 10 out of 10.

In fact, this place opened up about a week ago at time of my purchase and the new employee game me an incorrect sales price. They really did not have to but they honored the price to keep their integrity and had me leave completely satisfied. Besides that point, I have no doubt that they work with you to keep you and don’t let you go disappointed.

If your like me who would normally just go to Jareds, Tiffanys or other big retailers…. i believe it was fate and my good luck that brought me to this place as I got exactly the kind of setting i wanted at the right price and my now Fiance cant be any more happier. Lollie and her staff are great and are very well educated about the industry and their products. I will definitely be coming here again for my future business. Located in heart of Jewelers Row, avoid the rest of the stores, this is it….Two thumbs up, Rated A++++++ Thanks “Classic Gem” and wish you guys the best!!!

James J. 

The Classic Gem is the PERFECT place to go for an engagement ring. A few months ago, I walked up to Lollie and said “I have no idea what I’m doing, can you help?” Lollie explained the basics to me, and I knew that I was going to get my ring from The Classic Gem.

Lollie and Harry were both incredibly helpful. They walked me through each and every step of the process of custom-designing my engagement ring. They were always there to answer every question and email … they are incredibly knowledgeable and friendly! They walked me through each step, really listened to what I wanted, and worked around my budget.

And, my fiance absolutely loves the ring!!!

Nicole S. 

Don’t waste your time or money at a chain jewelry store!
The Classic Gem is the best jewelry shop on Jeweler’s Row (trust me, I went to almost ALL of them)! Lollie is one of the most helpful sales associates and store owners I’ve ever had the pleasure of doing business with. We purchased my husband’s wedding band and with her large selected of styles and sizes in stock we were able to get exactly what we wanted without having to wait for an order. Even after deciding to exchange for a half size larger, Lollie ordered it for us on the spot and had it for me in less than a week. 
I will definitely be going back for my own wedding band!

Lindsey N. 

The Magic Gem is amazing. Lollie, her husband and her father actually opened the shop for us on a Saturday when my fiance surprise proposed to me. They opened their shop just for us and were so kind and accommodating (They even brought their tiny pooch in because my fiance knows I love small dogs!) They were just absolutely amazing….and did a wonderful job with my new engagement ring! Beautiful setting with our old antique diamond for much less than others charge! Highly recommend!!

Darius P. 

After much research and even frequent visits to the large jewelry retail stores, I came across Classic Gem randomly after being downtown to shop. I began to browse their selection and was assisted with a heart shaped diamond engagement ring. Lollie was absolutely wonderful during the process and totally honest about the gimmicks other jewelers play. Everything that she said and quoted me was absolutely accurate so I was comfortable to proceed in buying an engagement ring.

I did not have much money to spend but it was important that I got the best deal or I would have to wait. After negotiating with her and letting her know that I only had $2500, she was able to make the deal happen. I ended up bringing my girlfriend back to Classic Gem that same day from our nearby hotel and buying the ring. Once it was sized, I proposed at Classic Gem. It was definitely a wonderful experience and I would definitely recommend them to everyone that wants great quality, excellent customer service, and affordable prices.

I am in the process of making it back to Classic Gem to buy matching earrings!

Adam T. 

Lollie and her family are great! I had to just write a review to let everyone know that The Classic Gem is the place to go — without a doubt! I had no idea about what I was doing when I first started ring shopping (probably as most guys) and even after 5 different shops down jewelers row. I randomly walked into The Classic Gem where I was very welcomed by Lollie and her family. They were great at explaining everything to me as newbie as I was. With all their terminology they would explain what it all meant compared to the other shops that just left me confused. I also really appreciated that everyone fully disclosed information because this would be the biggest investment I have ever made and some jewelers would only up sell their jewelry and make it sound so perfect, but the classic gem staff was very honest and open. They were all really patient and listened to exactly what I was looking for. Surprisingly they also had the best reasonably priced items in their shop and a large inventory selection. My now fiance loves it and we get compliments on it all the time. I wish I could say that it was all me, but it was definitely with the help and jewelry expertise of Lollie and her family. Her husband was even there to help describe to me the difference in diamonds in terms of cars the Ferrari vs KIA. They were overall just a great bunch to work with and all very knowledgeable! I walked out of there feeling like a GIA gemologist. Anyways, thanks guys it was a wonderful eye opening experience and of course unforgettable because I now have a happy fiance! We will be back in for bands and definitely be recommending to all of our friends ready to take that next step.

Kristina J. 

My husband bought my engagement ring from The Classic Gem. He went to several places first, and said no one was as friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable as the people here. They were not pushy and took the time to make sure he got to see every option available. They lived up to their word in guaranteeing their product. We had an issue with a small stone coming loose. They went out of their way to fix the ring in a very timely fashion. All communications within the ring buying process were replied to within 24 hours. We also bought our wedding rings there. We feel we got amazing products at a great pricing.

Erin S. 

One of the best customer experiences I have ever had!

My wife (then fiancee) came here in the hopes of designing an engagement ring. Lolly and her sisters were amazing! The first ring they made was not exactly what we had in mind and they quickly sat down with us and designed another ring. The second ring was amazing! My wife still gets compliments on it almost weekly. They went above and beyond in every way! The price was also extremely reasonable, much less than I would have expected to pay for the ring we got. They treated us like family and made the whole ring buying experience very pleasant. Please check them out, you won’t be disappointed!

Thanks guys!


I had an AMAZING experience with the entire team at the Classic Gem- Kara, Jenny, and Lollie. A friend accompanied me the first time I visited, and from the beginning, they were all true professionals who were knowledgeable, helpful, accommodating, and able to put a guy new to the business at tease. I felt like I was talking to a group of my (now) fiancee’s friends whose advice I could trust and rely on.

After my visit, I received a prompt email with the details of the stones and rings I had looked at. They were never pushy or overbearing. After I had completed my research and felt comfortable with my choice, I scheduled follow-up visits. Again, the team was fantastic with being flexible and working with my schedule.

My fiancee’s ring was custom made for her small size, and Jenny did a great job of keeping me involved throughout the process as the CAD renderings were generated, the wax model was made, the ring was cast, and the stones were placed.

My ring was shipped to my home address as planned, timely and without issues, and the ring was in an amazing box accompanied by a personal, handwritten note. I can’t say enough great things about the Classic Gem team and look forward to working with them in the future and recommending them to others! Finally, my fiancee loves the ring which might be the most important thing of all

Sarah Perpich 

I’ve been meaning to write a review for a long time now. Back in January ‘13 my now fiancee met with Lollie to design my ring. I was adamant that I wanted morganite with rose gold and a halo. He was able to pick out the most beautiful setting, change the design slightly and pick out the most gorgeous morganite stone ever. It’s a beautiful champagne color that just sparkles all the time! I cannot go anywhere without someone commenting on how gorgeous my ring is. Even at a bridal dress store, the salesperson said that she “sees a lot of rings, but (mine) is by far the most unique and beautiful.”

Of course I went there for my wedding band and they matched the same tone of rose gold to match my band. If Lollie isn’t in, her sister and brother are extremely helpful. I could not be happier that it is a family business. I love them there!

Courtney and Mike 

Perfection. 5 star all the way. Lollie and her team could not have been more helpful in selecting an upgrade for our engagement ring. They were extremely patient and highly knowledgeable. Heading back to them again for some Christmas shopping!

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