Custom Order Terms of Agreement

The CAD jewelry process is a very unique process with a large investment of time, resources and complexity involved; from sourcing the best materials in the international market, to matching and calibrating gemstones, as well as the training and investment in the state of the art tools and techniques such as CAD CAM (computer aided drafting and computer aided manufacturing), we have outlined a few terms of our custom order process. 

  • Quotes are honored for 10 business days: Due to fluctuating market prices for precious metals and gemstones, quotes are valid for ten business days from when the quote was issued.
  • Custom orders are non-refundable once the process has started: While we welcome small tweaks and changes, new designs outside of the scope initially agreed upon will be considered a new project, and subject to a design change fee of $250-350.00. 
  • The Classic Gem owns all design copyright, and has the right to right to refuse or cancel any order.
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