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Appraisal Services

Written insurance appraisals provide peace of mind for our clients in knowing they will be properly compensated in the unfortunate event of loss or theft of their valuables.

We can assess a variety of items including new purchases or inherited family heirlooms and provide you with a comprehensive appraisal documentation which include the following:

Detailed description of each appraised item, such as size or length, precious metal content determination, condition, melee size and weight, color, cut and clarity grade. Each document also includes a digital photograph. Appraised value will be determined at a conservative retail replacement value. A deep cleaning is also performed before each inspection. Appraisals can sometimes be done while you wait, and may take up for 45 minutes to evaluate. It takes 1-2 days to produce official documentation thereafter in both a soft/hardcopy format, and starts at $165.

Please click here to set up a time.

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